For many students, the onset of summer symbolises the beginning of the treacherous exam season. Whether it be end of year exams, GCSE or A levels, the tension is at an all time high and every spare moment is being used for last minute revision. 


At The Tiffin Girls' School, the year 10 end of year exams have begun. For all students, this set of exams has been the first time back in the intimidating exam hall scene, since their 11+ entrance exam, and despite the prior experience, the sight of rows of desks doesn’t ever become a comfortable sight. For the last few weeks, the library has been packed to the brim, with students, all studying away and trying to make the most of the precious lunch break that they are sacrificing. 


In the moment, the feeling of completing an exam can be so daunting, especially when they seem to be so instrumental in our future progression. Students have expressed how they are absolutely terrified before every exam, which made me wonder whether or not formal examinations are in fact the best way to test students’ knowledge of subjects. Under the immense pressure of the exam conditions, students are very likely to make mistakes and be unable to perform, in accordance with their true abilities. However it could be argued that, in the future in jobs and general life situations, you are constantly facing large amounts of pressure, therefore in one way these stressful exam situations are helping you prepare for more defining moments later on in life. 


No matter how much you try to prepare, going into an exam you are bound to have some last minute doubts. From my recent experiences taking part in the end of year exams, I have learnt that there is no way to avoid exams and the most I can do, is prepare as much as possible.