Roses - the typical species that pops into one's mind when asked to think of a flower, but are we aware of the symbolism and individuality of each rose? 

To begin with, the rose is thought to be one of the world's oldest species of flower, with their fossils dating back to 35 million years. Through this, we are able to see the resilience of the rose as a species, having been on the earth since before the human race. The history of the red rose being a symbolism of romance stemmed from the Greek goddess Aphrodite's story with Adonis, whose tears and blood fell on the ground where roses grew, according to the legend. Since then, the red rose has been a symbolism of passionate love. 

There are different connotations for different colours of roses, not just love for red. The white rose represents innocence and spirituality, whilst the pink rose connotes grace and elegance. A common misconception is that blue and black roses exist, this is not true unfortunately! The ones we see of these colours are in fact dyed, or look black but are actually a deep crimson- like the black rose of Turkey (black roses symbolising loss and mystery). So, when someone gifts you roses, always research their symbolisms to avoid any subtle messages!

Roses are a truly timeless flower, suitable for any occasion and setting. Whether it's a rural cottage looking for an extra rustic touch, or a modern home looking for a classy edge, the common rose is the perfect flower to decorate it with! So, next time there feels like there is something missing from a setting, try placing a vase of roses, and watch how the room lights up!