Why become a young reporter?


After 7 months,8 articles and countless hours brainstorming ideas and writing pieces, the young reporters scheme is over for me.But it could only be the beginning for you. In this final article I will cover why I decided to take part in the scheme and why I believe it a would be truly amazing organisation for you to take part in.

I first heard of the young reporters scheme through an email sent out by a teacher in my school, as soon as I read it and learnt the details of being a ‘young reporter’ including the fact that I got to wright 8 articles and every single one of those would be published in on a real life website and the ability to enter a multitude of competitions which would win once in a lifetime experiences, I knew I had to be a part of it.


So, what have I learnt and have I enjoyed the process? Throughout these seven months I have learnt how to manage my time, work to a deadline and produce high level work under time pressure. Additionally I got to learn more about my local environment and got more in involved in events going on around me, I also got to use the opportunity to learn more about topics that interest me on a more in-depth level I would have done other wise to write my articles, furthermore, writing articles every month greatly improved my writing abilities and helped with lots of my academic work;especially in the transactional writing section of English language GCSE, I definitely saw an improvement in my grades whilst partaking in the Overall, I found the experience very enjoyable, as I learnt lots and felt more mature as I was writing for a real news website with real deadlines.


In conclusion, I will greatly miss writing my monthly articles and being a young reporter, and I hope you enjoy as much as I did. Thank you!