As the month of a London-weather-inflicted April full of rainy torment and unrewarding temperatures comes to an end, a new season emerges as spring begins to present itself in delightful surprises dotted around the suburbs of south London.

Many green areas, scenic paths and fragrant garden centres which strut the dawn of spring offer a wide perspective of various flora and fauna bursting back into action for wildlife enthusiasts to enjoy

Local parks I recently have taken strolls along, such as Beddington Park, Roseberry Park and Nonsuch Park have shown to be some of the first faces of blossoming, as I had the rare opportunity to witness some of the flora wonders that were at work such as the above Japanese wisteria floribunda (1) - from the species of flowering plant in the family Fabaceae, native originally to Japan - climbing up walls, or cherry ‘accolade’ trees (2) - a cultivar of prunus - blooming over a neighbouring fence.

Even bustling streets and whirring cars are oblivious to flecks of spring-loving wildlife peeping back into the spotlight, such as the European robin shown above (3), a small insectivorous passerine bird, who timidly pecks its way around the city life (and staying far away from my camera).

It is remarkable how often we forget to admire how the beauty of nature revives itself in a timeless cycle of growth, renewal and blossom.