Breaks and lunchtimes are some of the only opportunities we have to check in with our friends, relax, from the demands of the school day. Having our phones with us during these times allows us to stay connected with our mates, share experiences, and maintain important social connections that are crucial for our sense of belonging and well-being.Having access to our phones during these times also offers a sense of security and reassurance, especially for students who may need to contact parents or guardians in case of emergencies or unexpected situations. Our phones can serve as a lifeline to the outside world, helping us feel more connected, supported, and safe during the school day.Of course, it is important to establish guidelines and boundaries to ensure that phone usage during break and lunch times is respectful, responsible, and non-disruptive. By setting clear expectations and promoting a culture of mindful phone use, schools can harness the benefits of technology while minimising potential drawbacks.