As I sit here, pen in hand, the weight of next year's GCSE exams looming over me, I can't help but feel a wave of nervousness wash over me. The thought of those crucial exams, the ones that will determine my academic future, fills me with a sense of unease.I find myself constantly questioning whether I have studied hard enough, whether I have grasped all the necessary concepts, and whether I will be able to perform to the best on the day of the exams. It's a constant cycle of worry that seems to consume my every waking moment.The pressure to succeed is unreal, not only from my teachers and parents but also from myself. I know how important these exams are in shaping my future prospects, and the fear of failure is a heavy burden to bear.But among all the unease , I try to remind myself that it's okay to feel nervous. It's a natural response to a challenging situation like the GCSE exams. It shows that I care about my education .I understand that the key to overcoming this nervousness is within the preparation and resilience. I have to trust in the hard work and dedication I have put into myself.I know that I am not alone in feeling nervous about the GCSE exams. Many of my peers are experiencing the same doubts and fears, and that sense of solidarity helps me feel a little less overwhelmed. I may be nervous now, but I refuse to let that nervousness define me or dictate my future. And that’s making me  proud of myself.