Merstham Park School


Hard working and engaging 


Not wanting to boast about Merstham Park School(MPS), it does so much for the students that it's unfair if we don't give them credit for what they have done for  their students. The staff are very helpful and are present all the time when they need a helping hand. They are always ready to help the students in time of need. They are there to help us with not only our educational needs but also with  our mental health, and the school has many partners who then come into school and help with counselling and, in general, help. The best thing is that they are always there when we need them. During times, we were feeling the worst, but also, when we felt the best, they did not hesitate to celebrate with us. They made it feel worth it and made sure to let them know that they're proud of us. The school also lets us have a lot of opportunities such as visiting Oxford University, being able to visit the old surgery,etc. They always want us to be the best we can. Another thing that makes MPS so special is the exam prep for Yr10 and 11. They always help us with extra revision and make sure that we can do our best. Being a relatively new school makes it harder to build up a big reputation, but our school has done its best with building up its reputation and ofsted also saying the same about our school and how satisfied the parents are with the school.  It makes me proud to say that MPS is my school, and I'm grateful for the opportunity to study in a good school.