Sports Day 


True enjoyment 


Sports day is the day we truly get to let loose and enjoy the sun whilst doing pe all day. It's a daydream for some and a complete nightmare for the rest. However, even if you don't like sports and find it hard, sports day is the day where everybody's happy and everybody's enjoying themselves, messing around with their friends and the competitive spirit rising among the students.  It  happens every year, right?  On the contrary, for yr 10 students, it's going to be their last sports day in this school. The last time, they will ever get to have fun and enjoy the races, jumps,and cheers. It would be the last time they get to sit around as a class and have a nice chat together, and it would be the last time when they truly felt free. It would even be some of the students' last time in the stadium. The sports day is one of the biggest memories students hold close to their hearts as everyone, even the teachers, are happy, and it is just truly marvellous. The students whose last sports day was coming did not try to hide their disappointment and sorrow. Well, who could blame them? A day like sports day only happens once every year for a very limited time. It may not last long, but it surely presents us with memories that last life long. Let's all hope the Yr10 class will get a fantastic final sports day that will be etched on to their memories.