Community Outreach 


Charity and kindness


Community outreach is a club that is a bit only focused on the local community but also looks at the brighter picture and helps globally as well. This club is full of very passionate members who work very hard to bring justice to the less fortunate. This club has done some very big projects before, including writing postcards to send to Egypt for cop27, making a banner on global warming for the Glastonbury music festival. The group has also done something that is a part of a longer period of time. This was called send my friend to school, and it was on for a year, and 2 of the students who were chosen through an interview process were involved in the process over the whole year. They helped the people by talking and writing to MPs. Multiple visits to the parliament and go to conferences held by the Labour and Conservative parties. They have proven over and over again that they are a group with no fear and will always stand by what they believe is right and always stand for justice. A good example of this was something they did recently. They have gone down and spoken to different people and heard other people speaking about the conflict that is going on between Palestine and Israel. They were not afraid to speak for what They believed in and fought for justice. This club has also held photo exhibitions for Sudan and spread their story across to many people who were not well aware of their situation. Now, as the members have all grown, they now started to make their own proposals, the most important one being refugee week. They planned and put together everything by themselves and presented it to the head of the school. As my final line, I would like to say let's hope all of us can help like these young people and inspire other people around us.