Over the past 4 years , I have experienced significant personal growth. I have become more emotionally resilient and wise, which has enabled me to approach things from a more mature perspective. I have learned to consider different viewpoints, which has helped me gain a deeper understanding of the world around me. As a result of my personal growth, I have noticed a positive change in the way people interact with me. I have become more confident, which has allowed me to assert myself more effectively in various situations.I started my teen hood during lock down, hormonal imbalances were quite challenging but dealing it together with my family being there for me constantly helped me a lot and this was possible because of covid,it brought the family together. Additionally, I have started to manage my procrastination by breaking down my tasks for the day, which has made me more productive.I have become more spiritual as it helps my mental well being. I find great satisfaction in achieving academic validation, and it has become a significant source of happiness for me. Furthermore, focusing on my goals and working towards achieving them has helped me reduce my stress levels significantly. I have also noticed that time has passed quickly since the lock down was lifted, and people have become quite busy getting their lives back on track.