The underground world of London music scene.

You may see some show tickets pop up now and then for massive events such as tickets to go see big name artists with cult like following. There are a major variety of shows that are just a fraction of the price in London but do not have the same amount of exposure as big name artists do. You could be one of the first supporter of local or small music creators. There was a show recently done by Hotline TNT, who are a shoegaze band, as the headliner. The Strongest Tool and Bloody Death as the supporting acts who take on some shoegaze elements along with some pop punk. All of this for £17, a night out, discovering a new music scene and supporting passionate artists.

You can go for even cheaper! Bloody Death is having another gig at Maripool’s EP release June 7th. If that doesn’t float your boat there are tons of free performances in and around London, from youth open mics to public performances. Don’t miss out your chances before these artists become famous and start paying unimaginable amounts for tickets. Especially with the weather warming up and summer being around the corner. Some recommended apps or websites would be TodayTix and ensuring the cheapest possible tickets while also providing a great experience.

London has immense history with music with it being the place of where musical legends such as Rolling Stones, Queen and Led Zepplin originate. This is also not only said for the music scene but in addition to the London art scene with many young ambitions. With that being said, let’s continue making music history.