Charities Week


A little goes a long way 


Helping someone is something that calms everyone down. It gives is a sense of self satisfaction we cannot receive otherwise. In Merstham park charities week is one of the most anticipated weeks every term. Having different activities every term such as dodge ball students vs teacher games,own clothes day etc. Teaching the importance of charity work and what it truly means to help someone and the benefits are what Merstham park strives to do the best. Throughout the week competitions also increase the team spirit and these competitions help with finalisation of the final house cup which all the houses are competing for. In MPS these charities we support are chosen and supported by each house. The money we raise as a school is given to these specific charities that the students belong to. The concept of charities Week has really inspired a lot of students that members of a Club called community outreach has been very active and has had a lot of members. These members have now all wanted to do more charity work and also plan and help other charities on their own and make proposals to the school so they can help these charities. These affiliated charities are all local which gives it a deeper connection. On a high note charity is something that we all should practise as helping someone else is also a source of happiness.