Culture Week


The excitement and planning


Culture week allows us as a community to respect but also explore a lot of new cultures. It can start friendships but also spark new curiosity within ourselves and lead us to places full of colour and exciting new facts about certain cultures. Especially in countries like the UK where a lot of their population are immigrants or being mixed or having different roots and British themselves having a chance to celebrate their culture and also reconnect with their cultures. In our school culture day is something that is run by the head student team in collaboration with the teachers. The head student team all work together to come up with ideas that seem good and respectful to celebrate cultures whilst appreciating them and not appropriating them. They all get together and produce marvellous ideas such as a sport from each culture and food from different cultures and also art including dancing,singing,henna art ect. We also hope that we get to dress up according to our cultures. As part of the team organising this we  hope that our ideas that want to spread positivity and love gets through and approved. Coming to the point we hope that we have a wonderful culture week filled with happiness and love. Wishing that everyone also has a beautiful culture week where you all get to have fun.