An inter-house competition is like a friendly competition. It is mostly organised by the school and the sports or topic changes every half-term. In this competition, students are divided into their learning mentor groups. These houses compete against each other in different activities such as sports, quizzes, debates, art , and many more. It has been going on in school since the school was built like a tradition.

Inter-house competitions are important for so many reasons. It is a competition among students of the school that provides several advantages to students from building team spirit to managing events. Participation in these kinds of competitions enhances the personality of students. Competition is very important for better growth. The students who are captains or house leaders learn leadership responsibility. They also have to manage and motivate their members or players.

Organising , managing, and coordinating events give a sense of responsibility, and decision-making to students. It also enhances the communication skills of students. Once you participate in this competition, you will make new friends and like-minded friends. In this activity various groups are made in which students have to do a lot of activities sometimes they do not have any idea. Through this group, you will be able to learn new stuff.