Head Girl 


The struggles and journey 


Being the head girl of a school is a lot. It takes a lot of courage to stand up in front of your mates and other students and speak to them. It also takes a lot of perseverance and resilience to stand up for your team at schools and talk about the students and their concern without having the fear of being judged or questioned by the teachers and the other students part of the head team. The courage it takes to be able to also question your friends wrongdoings without dreading the consequences is truly admirable and a good quality to look up to. There are a lot of skills you need in order to be a head girl, with some of them being public speaking,resilience,an open mind, organisation skills,adaptability etc. the most important of them could be argued is that of having an open mind to see and understand another perspective and also adaptability going side by side as one skill. There are obviously positives to being a head girl which includes getting to know a lot of people and acquiring these said skills and sharpening them. When I got to know that I was the head girl of my school I felt immense pride in myself and felt that all my hard work was finally yielding its result. Ultimately being a head girl is a lot of hard work and dedication but in the end the satisfaction you feel with yourself and your work is unexplainable.