Send My Friend to School 


‘Send my friend to school’ is an intentional coalition of organisations that work together to provide equal and equitable educational opportunities. The members of Send my Friend to School operate around the world to be able to give students around the world an equal and equitable opportunity at exploring their life as students as well as a chance of getting ahead in life and helping their communities especially in countries in the global south. Students around the UK join together with this organisation and help their fellow students in their education by writing to their MPs. Around 20 students are chosen around the uk to represent the organisation every year and they lobby MPs at the parliament and alongside also attend the party conferences such as the labour party conference and the conservative party conference. These students fight for their fellow students to get justice. These schools also are all working hard to help the students get proper education. As someone who has worked for this organisation as one of those 20 students I must say they do a lot to help them and also lobby every year and speak up for equal opportunity for everyone and also always contacting the MPs and reminding them of this cause always keeping them on their feet and  never letting them forget about these students. Overall these students and organisations always try their best to get the less fortunate students an equal and equitable opportunity.