Inter House School Competition  


Let the fun games begin 


Inter house competition is when we have fun whilst competing with each other. Inter house is hosted by our school. A friendly competition that allows us to explore our strengths and interests. This gives the students a chance to explore their fascinations and test their limits. It allows the students to unwind after a long half term. The competitions change after every half term. The competition ranges from baking competitions to dodgeball. The students also get rewards that are called house points. House points are positive points that are there to encourage the students to get more invested and into the sports. These activities help the students with extracurricular activities and help discover a new talent or hobby. A student of Merstham park school said it ”helps building team spirit” and “enhances the personality of the students”. These competitions also help build more transferable skills such as organisation skills, teamwork and leadership skills. These competitions also help the school as they let them know what the students prefer and that helps them organise the events. 

In conclusion these events are there to give the students a break and enjoy the small things in life.