Every evening Dubai’s bustling city centre is illuminated by a whirlwind of light and filled by the sounds of booming music. The worlds tallest building is a hub of activity and a key tourist attraction particularly in the evenings when it boasts a spectacle of entertainment.

On this particular February evening I was able to hear the music and see the lights from quite a distance before even entering the mall that houses the event. Around 10 minutes prior to the next showing people swarmed on mass in a rampant attempt secure a good viewing point somewhere around the lake that sits in front of the towering construction. Thousands of people surrounded the lake all craning their necks for a glimpse of the building however the best viewing point was actually in a slightly elevated Five Guys that overlooked the lake with plenty of seating and a perfect view.

After assuming this position myself and the thousands of other waited intently and were at last greeted by a host of lights dancing their way across the Burj accompanied by some upbeat music. This went on for a few minutes and then to my disappointment came to an abrupt and quite frankly underwhelming stop. Yet our dismay was short lived as an eruption of water from the lake initiated the real show. Lights now basked the lake and swung across the Burj and its viewers whilst water fountains shot 20 metres high in cascading arcs in time with the music, a water dance ensemble.

After 15 minutes of the eye-catching phenomenon it came to an end, signified by the gracious response of its viewers demonstrated in a round of applause. The water fell back to normality whilst the lights switched off and the whole performance shut down for it’s 15 minute break until the next time.