Recently, I have started to watch more movies in the cinema. From Dune to Ghostbusters, there is and always will be a large plethora of options to pick from. After COVID, and the population of film streaming online, is it still worth it to watch films, especially in big cities that have top of the art cinemas?


Cinemas were first created to allow people to watch films. After the internet this evolved into allowing people to watch them early. Now, with some films even launching first online, is it still worth it to go to the cinema? In London this actually is the case!


Watching a film in a cinema can be better than at home in a couple of ways. Firstly, for all cinemas,  you get a massive screen that allows you to feel more immersed in the action. Then you have an immersive sound that is created to be more immersive and lastly, you have comfortable seats. These features are great and impressive but still cannot persuade most people into leaving from the comfort of their living room. This is why cinemas have tried to improve the experience they sell. I first noticed this in the release of Avatar: the way of the water and its 3D graphics. Its 3D graphics were the main selling point of the film; that you can immerse yourself in a world that you feel you can touch. This wasn’t possible at home and was the reason I went to the cinema to watch it. A similar realisation happened with Dune due to the special effects the cinema had added. This time, it was with the vibration of the seats. When a loud explosion occurred or the land was shaking in the movie, sometimes you could feel it on your chair, adding to the immersion and making it a more memorable experience.


Due to these reasons, watching a film in a cinema becomes more enjoyable and a better experience if it has special effects and is more immersive than at home. This sadly is normally only with major blockbuster films but hopefully this changes in the future. In conclusion, I think that, in London at least, the cinema can be worth paying a visit to and watching a new film!