Baking is often seen as a fantastic option to make money on the side, as for many it is a crossroad to combine passion and hobbies with earning a profit. While there are factors that can affect how much money you can earn from baking, it is a very lucrative business and grants many the opportunity for making quick cash or alternatively, drawn out earnings in the long term.

Selling pastries, sweets and baked goods is never a bad option if you have the skill to make quality products, as it is always in consistently high demand from the public. There are many different paths that one can take when going down the route of selling baked items. One of these is by contacting family and friends, and extended ties from there (for example, aunts and family friends), so that you have easy to contact clients. Another port of call is selling your items in community bake-sales or by setting up stalls in town squares, to guarantee availability to the public. 

A crucial element to having a successful baking business is your skill set. If you are capable of presenting advanced baking skills and can create varied and delicious products, you'll likely attract more customers. During the 2020 pandemic, 38 million Brits were recorded to take up baking as a hobby, and this alongside how easily translatable it is into making money, allows a very plausible business opportunity to arise.