Hong Kong, also known as the ‘concrete jungle’, is a small city filled with buildings and more than 7 million people, it has always been special and unique. Here are a few astonishing places that you would be amazed by.


The Peak Tram

As the first funicular railway in Asia, it has once been a public transport for residents in the upper level of Hong Kong. There are only six stations in total, tourists and local people use the tram to go to the peak. It was an interesting experience on the tram, you can feel the slope of the mountain as you are riding, and you will be greeted by the harbour view of Hong Kong. When you arrive at the peak, make sure you go to the top of the Peak Galleria to enjoy the amazing view of Hong Kong, especially at night, it will be a very different experience, as Hong Kong is also famous for its night view.


Stone Slabs Street(Pottinger Street)

It is a road made of small uneven steps, there are different small shops on the two sides of the road. It is also a Grade 1 historic building, this place is my favourite forever because you can take so many aesthetic photos there, it is even more aesthetic in person.


Tai O

It is part of the Lantau Island of Hong Kong. The most unique thing in Tai O is the stilt houses, which are built on water with people living in the house. The scenery is so special that it is also known as the ‘Venice of the East’. There are also notable foods that are produced there such as shrimp paste, salted fish and ‘cha goh’ in Cantonese which are stuffed mochi. You can also see how the shrimp paste is made by drying them under the sun!


Cha Chaan Teng(Tea Cafe)

One of the most famous foods in Hong Kong is Hong Kong-style milk tea, which is also my favourite food. It is made from three different tea leaves and evaporated milk. You can drink the most traditional milk tea in these ‘cha chaan tengs’ and try out the ‘soeng caan’, the Hong Kong-style meal deal, with toast, an egg and a noodle in soup. Remember also to try the very famous egg tart! They are always a memory for the locals.


Hong Kong has a lot of beautiful scenery but is also known for its good food. Besides, there are lots of shopping centres where you can spend hours. There is a lot to explore there so I sincerely recommend you visit!