Summer activities  



As summer is fast approaching we get six weeks of no school whatsoever. I think you should plan for it to stop those days you get bored with nothing to do. 


plan a picnic 

 try completing a puzzle  

learn a new language or British Sign Language 

visit a zoo or an aquarium 



Treat summer as an opportunity, do not waste it indoors doing nothing productive, there are plenty of summer activities to do. If you are going to be in y11 try, make a study timetable throughout the summer, and balance it with being social and revising. Set yourself goals to accomplish rather than doing nothing. Try find a new hobby 


How to avoid boredom this summer 

Distract yourself by trying out something new or difficult. putting your focus into something else. Disguise your boredom rather than have nothing to do. Prepare yourself stay motivated or at least have fun trying to discover a recent activity or interest. A good idea is preparing yourself for the new year setting a target for yourself.


Try being productive rather than doing nothing! 

This will remove your boredom. Work on something for 20 minutes a day, improve a skill to boost your motivation. Trying anything will at least help boost motivation. going out with your friends, planning a day outside rather than staying all day indoors. 



Finally, do not waste your summer and come back to school miserable. Over the summer try challenge yourself and try experience new things  


Lastly do not forget to have fun and enjoy!