On Thursday the 28th of March to Tuesday the 2nd of April, the annual funfair came to town on the Hampton Court Palace-green. It was open to all families and friends and was voted as the number 1 fair in London. It took place opposite the historic Hampton Court Palace where king Henry the 8th would reside.

The palace green ,where the funfair took place, was originally used used for jousting tournaments! The fair offered many attractions and rides for all attendees, as well as plenty stands selling delicious foods. The fair was run by George Irvin’s leisure, with five generations of experience. Classic rides included the dodgems and waltzer as well as the haunted house.

Funfairs, or also known as travelling carnival, are amusant shows that set up in areas with open fields and near town and villages. They are known to move from place to place after spending some time performing and entertaining the people of the are. It was during the eighteenth century in England that the entertainment of the fair became known as the funfair as it bands of unusual humans and wild beasts, jugglers , magicians, acrobats and many more. Nowadays the funfairs are less focused on people performing tricks and flips , more on the entertainment of rides and rollercoasters.

for those unable to attend this years Hampton court-green funfair, it is guaranteed to return next year with the laughs and screams once again!