Recently, Reigate Grammar School hosted a series of Eco Fashion events to promote sustainability and reducing clothes waste. This included a fashion show, where students had the chance to create their own outfit out of reused materials, and a swishing event, where there was the opportunity to update your wardrobe in an eco-friendly manner.

Each House Family had a month to design and create their outfit which consisted of a top, a bottom part and an accessory. The outfits had to be made out of recycled materials, and many were made out of old curtains, bin bags, and in some cases, crisp packets! Every outfit was also created in the theme of their respective house colour. The Fashion Show was held during form times on Friday 15th March, and each House Family picked one student to model their outfit on the catwalk in front of their house. Scores were awarded out of 10 by the House Leaders. Alongside their outfit, each house wrote a sustainability statement revealing how they made their outfit, what it was created out of and how it is eco-friendly . At lunchtime on Tuesday 26th March, the best outfit from each house competed against the other three houses in the final to decide the overall winner.

Rosanna C, a student who modelled a purple cape made out of old curtains at the fashion show, said  ‘It felt so nice to showcase an outfit that was environmentally friendly whilst having fun’.

Also on Tuesday 26th March, there was a House Swishing event, where students donated in old, unwanted clothes for tokens, which they could then trade in for a new item of clothing. Any leftover items were given to local charity shops to minimise waste.

These events were a great way to celebrate fashion in a sustainable manner whilst protecting the planet, and everyone working together to create unique outfits to showcase.