The 1910 Coffee House is a lovely independent dog-friendly coffee shop that I have been passing by car almost every day. I finally decided to stop by and it is now one of my favourite places!

I was greeted with a warm and welcoming “Hi, how are you?” on arrival which I really loved. This simple gesture set the tone for my entire experience at the 1910 Coffee House - one of genuine hospitality and friendliness.

Now, let's talk about their drinks. I tried their cappuccino and hot chocolate – both were absolutely delicious. You can tell they put a lot of love into making them. And the seating area? It's cozy, and inviting, ideal for getting some work done or just to relax. The food options such as the muffins and sandwiches were  amazing and extremely fresh; their vegan options were also exceptional (especially the blueberry muffin!). And let's not forget about one of the best smoothies I have ever tried – the Blue Dragon is an absolute must! As they are also dog-friendly, they even serve dog ice cream – talk about going the extra mile! 

What truly made my experience stand out was the exceptional hospitality of the staff. Their warmth and genuine friendliness added an extra layer of comfort to my visit, making me feel truly welcomed and valued as a customer. The location is lovely too – perfect for grabbing a coffee and pastry before taking a stroll in the park, town centre or along the Thames. 

I left 1910 Coffee House feeling absolutely delighted with everything, already planning my next visit. It's got a perfect mix of great drinks, food, friendly service, and cozy ambience. It is a real gem in the heart of Kingston.