Parking permit fees are set to increase in Bexley from the beginning of May.

Bexley Council has announced revised charges for residents' parking permits and visitor vouchers in Controlled Parking Zones.

This change was approved during the council's full meeting on March 6.

Formal notices explaining these changes have been published on the Council’s website.

Existing permit holders have also been informed about this impending increase, which will begin on May 1.

These upcoming hikes are part of the council's new tariff changes.

The change in price depends on the area with permits in Sidcup Town Centre and Bexleyheath Town Centre going up by £15 for the 12 month permit.

A book of ten Visitor's Parking Vouchers will also cost more from May, but only by a pound per book.

For further information on the changes, you can contact the council via Here is a full list of changes to the parking permits depending on location in the borough.

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