Less than 24 hours ago, Iran had launched a drone attack on the Jewish state of Israel  in response to the 1 April strike on an Iranian diplomatic building in the Syrian capital, Damascus, which killed a senior figure in Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards and eight other officers. The Guardian states that "Benny Gantz, a member of the war cabinet, said that Israel will exact a price from Iran in response to its mass missile and drone attack when the time is right. His comments came ahead of a war cabinet meeting alongside Israel’s prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, and the country’s defence minister, Yoav Gallant".

Tehran has intimidatingly warned that it will strike again with greater force if the US or Israel retaliate, using weapons and arms with much more intent to destroy, using more than 300 drones and missiles than on Saturday night. This attack is the first direct involvement between the two nations after long periods of ongoing conflict and military violence, could this be the spark to cause another deadly war? Most of the Iranian drones flying over Syria’s airspace during Tehran’s strikes overnight were downed by Israeli and US jets before reaching their targets in Israel, two western intelligence sources told Reuters.

The vast majority of the missiles and drones were taken down and intercepted, however one ballistic missile hit the Nevatim air base in the south of the country, causing minor damage.  The BBC state that: 

"The US President has hosted an online meeting of the G7 leaders while the White House has insisted it does not want to see the crisis in the Middle East escalate".

The US is likely and have been rumoured to not take any retaliation between the Iranian and Israeli conflicts, however a senior defence official said the US Navy shot down between four and six Iranian ballistic missiles (out of more than one hundred fired) over the Mediterranean Sea, and aircraft took out more than seventy drones fired by Iran. He added there were no casualties or damage to American assets in the region.

This conflict has only lasted a few days and has already seen the involvement of many countries including US and Jordan, if any more strikes are due to come it could catch the eye of many countries around the world, as did the Ukraine-Russia war. Hence, world leaders are urging restraint and a negotiation to put an end to the threat on many innocent lives from both parties.