Last month, the editorial team for award-winning Eagle published the latest edition of the magazine. This term we focused on the upcoming elections across the world. The majority of the earth's population will be voting this year. Articles span from US politics to the question of aliens. 

Fellow editor Tilly Hunt wrote: 

 "2024 is a big year for worldwide politics, we have at least 60 upcoming elections, with arguably the most important ones including the UK and USA, for both editors. Dissatisfaction, confusion, and eagerness are just three words to easily describe the current emotions we endure, as society is slowly counting down the days for the results of each outcome.


For the first Eagle of 2024, our articles come from a wide range of opinions and a mixture of year groups, ranging from U3rd to U6th. This magazine covers topics from the discussion over Euthanasia to Trump and his possible second term, (which is not un- likely). Our writers have dedicated their time to writing about what they believe in and use the magazine to get their voices heard, many people would not have even thought about bringing up the conspiracy behind Area 51.


Our cover photo for this edition is a painting of Donald Trump, created by editor Tilly Hunt, this image reflects the high quantity of Trump-related articles we have received, and the devil’s tail/ halo is a statement of society either love or hatred towards the former president. The Eagle aims to inspire others and take notice of the political opinions of those around, so if you have a spare moment of your time, why not flip open a page to have a read?"

Please give a read to the magazine (available here - if you to experience some excellent commentary regarding some of the most important issues our world faces at this moment.