The St Johns school annual house film competition held over the last half term showcased an array of creative talents among the student body. With entries spanning various themes and ideas, centralised around sci-fi, the competition provided a platform for budding filmmakers to exhibit their skills and storytelling abilities.

After careful deliberation the award for best film was awarded to the “Stag Doo” team. The film produced by a team of passionate students led by their director, captivated the audience and judges alike with its compelling narrative, and cinematic finesse.  Equally winning the prize for the best acting and sound, the team showed just how capable they were.

“Stag doo” is a production exploring themes of friendship and adventure, where the protagonist; one of the school mascots, the stag, overcomes characters of a villainous nature and complex challenges. Set in the dreams of the stag, an audience explored a take on Indiana Jones and Jurassic Park, all through the mascot’s perspective.

In addition to its technical and artistic merits “Stag Doo” resonated with the judges for its emotional depth.  The success of stag doo underscores the talent and dedication of the students involved as well as the supportive environment fostered by the St Johns school’s film program, by providing opportunities for creative expression and collaboration.