A major coffee chain is set to open its first Romford branch.

Black Sheep Coffee is expected to launch a new store at The Liberty shopping centre next Tuesday (April 9), a spokesperson told us today.

This comes after Romford Business Improvement District announced on Facebook that a Black Sheep Coffee branch would be "coming soon" at the retail complex.

The move was welcomed by one of the town's councillors David Taylor.

"I'm thrilled to see Black Sheep Coffee opening in Romford," Cllr Taylor said. "They have a great reputation of doing good in the community.

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"It is also a great sign that people want to spend time in Romford," he added.

Black Sheep Coffee, founded in 2013, has its headquarters in Southwark, central London.

It has branches across the world in England, Wales, France, Scotland, the United Arab Emirates and the United States.

Premiere Cinema Romford, responding to Cllr Taylor's Facebook post, also welcomed the move.