Frameless presents the ultimate IMMERSIVE ART EXPERIENCE in Marble arch. 

It consists of 4 exhibition: Beyond Reality, Colour In Motion, The World Around Us and The Art of Abstraction. Each one lasts for about 25 mins. With art from all periods of time, such as Baroque, Impressionism etc. It is presented in a way never before, where music, lighting and projection is used hand in hand to present the artwork. 

The first Exhibition, Colour In Motion is an interactive art exhibition. Pieces of colour were projected on walls and floors. By walking around, the floor detects your movement and control colour pieces to move around accordingly. After a few minutes, the colour move towards the wall, automatically put together like puzzle pieces to form an artwork. One of the most impressive artwork was Van Gogh’s self portrait, where you can really see how the artist used brush strokes to paint. 

In Beyond Reality, the exhibition cleverly used mirrors on floors. Artworks projected on both the wall and the floor can be also seen in a whole new perspective by looking down into the mirrors. This way, visitors are also included in the artwork. Besides, by the movement of artworks, it creates a delusion that visitors are sitting on a magic carpet and moving up and down.

The World Around Us is definitely the most unforgettable one. The exhibition heavily rely on stunning music to accompany the artwork. For example, several artwork of natural disasters like volcano eruption were showcased. Not only that loud, shocking music was played, the artwork itself (smoke, lava) also moved realistically. 

In The Art of Abstraction, artwork were displayed on a special fabric stand. Similar to The World Around Us, music were played to create the atmosphere. However, music were much more light-hearted and up beat compared to The World Around Us. Abstract shapes moved around the venue and benches were set up so visitors can relax and enjoy the artworks.

Overall, despite the exhibition being slightly expensive, it was a brand new experience for people who enjoy art. I would hugely recommend it.