It is frequently debated whether to obtain successful results in A level one must dedicate their full time to revision or if taking time apart is equally as important.  

Woodhouse’s basketball team would argue that team sports are an excellent way of finding a balance between the two: giving them time to blow off steam whilst forming new skills that will be advantageous to them further along the line, not only in the world of work but in life. 

The coach said his favorite aspect of the group was their “team cohesion” and ability to “laugh and joke but, when it’s time to play, take it very seriously”.  

Despite busy schedules amongst lessons and revision, the boys find time to show commitment to their sport, often having to give up free periods or lunch breaks.  

One member stated he finds balancing the two difficult as often he “gives up free periods where [he] should be working”. 

The years of A level can be a time of high stress for a lot of students and can even implement negative effects on their mental health. As a result, coping mechanisms and self-care are key. 

Another member of the team stated that: “I find that at times when I'm struggling mentally [...] exercise has always been what’s lifted me out of it”.  

Throughout the season the team experienced ups and downs, having faced defeat in multiple games. However, it is clear that they find the experience beneficial as the coach said, “even though the seasons finished now, they’re still here, working, trying to improve”.