On the 27th March, Tiffin School announced its very first culture day. It was the penultimate day of the their culture week, where the school was decorated with flags and facts about cultures from all over the world. On culture day, the students were asked to come wearing any clothing that represents their culture.

The Culture week shed light on the importance of representing the diversity in the school. Students from various ethnicities, nationalities, and walks of life came together to show off their national clothing, provide information on their heritage, and host informational presentations to Key Stage 3 classes to teach them about the many different backgrounds that students in the school come from. 

Many measures were put into place to commemorate the event and make it as successful as it was. Before the week began, forms were sent out asking of the nationalities of all students at the school, as well as the languages they speak at home. After over 600 responses, over 85 different cultural groups were mentioned and 64 languages spoken, with data that represents only a third of the school. Another event was the cultural activities that took place in the lecture hall during breaktime. These activities derived from Asian and African culture, which included designing mandalas, playing the Indian game Carrom, and participating in the dance of Haka.

And of course, the main day of culture week was where all students were invited to wear cultural clothing to school. Hundreds of students came wearing the appropriate attire, and there was a sudden, marvellous display of colour across the school. There was an incredible range of outfits, such as suits and hats, thobes, kurtas, saris, and so much more. The teachers came dressed for the occasion as well, signifying the success of the event as a whole.