How to make exams less stressful? 


As some of you may know GCSEs are approaching, and this can be nerve-wracking. 

Do not forget to take breaks! 

Do not overwork yourself exams and its stress 

GCSES are not the only test people must go through so do not stress. There is a level, university, and driving test. So here are some tips to make exams easier 


Time management  

Last-minute revision can leave you tired and more stressed, not worth it. Take time out of your day to make a realistic study timetable 


Staying prepared 

Try to pack your bag the night before, this allows you to check things off your to do list and be less stressed in the morning. Have an alarm clock, this reduces any risk of you being late to your exams. The last thing you would want is running late and having to look for your equipment. 


Top Tip 

Drinking water, dehydration is bad avoid it overall. 

Have a healthy snack before your test! 


Overworking yourself 

Revising for hours on end can make you lose motivation and cause you to be extremely fatigued, which is the last thing you would want. Remember to reward yourself and that grades do not define who you are and there is always another route. In some cases, overworking yourself can cause a lack in performance and extreme exhaustion so be careful and set yourself limits. 


Study tips 

Taking short breaks 

Making clear efficient notes 

Revising things you struggle with (not things you know)