Inowalk Pro – Bedelsford Special School

Bedelsford Special School is located in the Borough of Kingston upon Thames. Many of the children there have complex health needs and disabilities, so some of the therapy staff are fundraising by doing a 10k run, for an Innowalk Pro: this would be extremely beneficial and is vital in giving the children there the ability to move if they cannot do this independently.

The Innowalk Pro is a machine powered by electricity and assists those using it to walk. There are knee, feet, arm and chest supports that further make the piece of equipment stable and secure. The Innowalk Pro is good for bone development and muscle strength, as well as the respiratory system; overall it is great for physical wellbeing. Some children and young people at Bedelsford are wheelchair users who don’t have the ability to stand alone, and the Innowalk Pro is a great way for these children to exercise and feel good. 

I spoke to Helen Aldred, physiotherapy team lead, who is involved in the fundraising. She spoke about how the Innowalk Pro would “give those children that haven’t got many methods of moving a way to do so,” and stated that as well as the physical benefits of the machine, it is “good for self-esteem and confidence”.

Due to a lack of equipment, children with complex needs are unable to complete an hour of physical activity per day, and the Innowalk Pro would be a major help in working to rectifying this. 
The Innowalk Pro costs £46,000, and there is a just giving page for donations which would be much appreciated.