Culture Day was a long-awaited event for us, here at Gumley House. After many ideas, we decided that this was the perfect way to fundraise, to contribute towards the lent project for KS4.

The day began, as I nervously dressed up in traditional clothing. Making my way to school, unsure if others dressed up too. But all that nervousness was suddenly overcome by a sense of awe, seeing everyone in their beautiful clothing, that represented their culture. The dresses, the skirts, the tops, the football shirts, the jewellery and the flags. Reminded me of the diverse community that our school has created, and how we are all so different yet the same.

Culture Day wasn't just about the clothes; when we have a day like this we go all out! 
Now came the performances, I got to see dances from Africa, Poland, India, and the Middle East. I got to hear melodic Italian and English songs and even a Jamaican poem. What I love about our year groups is that we lift each other up, with our constant cheering and support, even if it means losing your voice. The fun didn't stop there beause at the end we had a parade. Were we separated into our continents to showcase our cultural garments, dancing up on stage together.

We ended the day at the sweet and savoury stalls, made with love by the students from their respective countries. The whole place was buzzing with people but luckily I was able to buy something from the sweet stall, it was delicious!

This was more than a fundraiser, it was a chance to express a different part of us, that makes us unique. It was definitely a nice change and I'm glad that everyone took part, expressing themselves fully with so much joy.

I saw,
I heard,
I danced,
I ate,
That was honestly the best pound I have ever spent!