In school, we are taught about the world around us, but we’re not always taught how to live in it. Once we leave education, we need to find work, but there’s not much to prepare us for that. Nothing in our education teaches how to apply for a job, or to create a business of our own. 


Outside of school, having a job can be a great experience, helping young people to learn to adapt and overcome issues. But within school the only opportunity that prepares students for what comes after education is work experience, which usually only lasts for around three days. 


In 2023, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak proposed that we learn more Maths however there are much more important things to learn about. How many of us even know we can start a business of our own and be entrepreneurial? It’s just not something we come across unless we have an adult in our lives to encourage us.


Personal, Social, Health, and Economic education (PSHE) became mandatory in the UK in 2020 and this subject has the chance to teach such life skills. The government decides on its curriculum. This means they are the ones who have to be proactive here to add things like learning to be an entrepreneur or learning to start businesses of your own. 


The Conservative Party website states “We want Britain to be the best country in the world to start, scale, and grow a business. A place where entrepreneurs know they can build on their ideas, find investment and success.” Adding a curriculum like this in schools can be a big step in the right direction to bring Britain into a position for businesses to thrive. If teachers don’t feel confident to teach this, we could have visiting teachers who share inspiring stories about their businesses. Therefore it is in the government’s best interest for us to learn how to live after school, instead of focusing on learning more maths.