From the 15th to the 17 of March, the London School of Economics (LSE) held their annual Model UN conference attracting delegates from not only the UK, but from all over the world.


Model UN is an academic simulation that aims to replicate the real United Nations. Students have the opportunity to represent a country within committees, engaging in debates, negotiations and drafting of resolutions to resolve international issues, and get to work in similar ways to which real diplomats do.


As it was a longer conference, students were given the time to learn how to be strong delegates. The LSE offered endless support to their attendees, not only by providing an ‘all you need to know’ crash course at the start of the conference, but also by taking the time to stop and answer any queries during debates.


The LSE’s three-day conference allowed students to not only develop their public speaking and diplomatic skills, but also allowed for delegates to develop their interpersonal skills and create strong bonds with their fellow delegates. The LSE even organised social events for the attendees, the biggest one being a ball at Porchester Hall which was thoroughly enjoyed by all who attended. As well as taking part in debates and social events, delegates were also given a tour around the LSE campus.


To conclude the conference, delegates were invited to the closing ceremony, which allowed committees who successfully came to a resolution to present their solutions to the 500 attendees, with some even receiving prizes for their outstanding efforts!