Dulwich College, old as it is, has founded many international schools – aside from the original, there are 12 schools across Asia. Every 4 years the Dulwich Olympiad occurs – a gathering of all of the schools where they compete in sports and collaborate in music, art and drama.

I was selected to represent the London branch for the drama group- so on the 16th of march, I jetted of to Singapore, this year’s hosts. The city itself is a vibrant amalgamation of Pan-Asian culture, humid but filled with greenery. Dulwich College Singapore, being 10 years old, is very modern, with a replica of Dulwich’s façade in front of its theatre. The school is home to a massive 400-seat auditorium, where the drama was performed alongside the opening ceremony and some of the music concerts that took place.

Collaborating with the other schools was an unforgettable and wonderful experience. I made friends in places I never thought I would, and the entire trip was a celebration of talent in sports and the arts. A friend who traveled with me, Aristou, said that “I will never forget the experience. It’s such a privilege to meet and work with other students from such different backgrounds!”

The drama discipline’s production of The Odyssey was performed on the penultimate day of the event, and each group wove in their culture to their extract- many forms of traditional dance were demonstrated, and the wide variety of approaches gave the piece a resemblance to the host city- a beautiful celebration of many nationalities coming together to form a dynamic whole.