This famous beauty spot, nestled in Kensington and more specifically Holland Park, is the ideal place for a spring weekend day-out. 

When stepping foot into the gardens, the muster of peacocks truly makes for a dazzling display as they make their way around the park, completing the oasis of beauty and serenity. But central to it all is the notorious waterfall which meanders and merges into the pond full of koi fish. Not only this, but the endless cobbled pathways and the Japanese stone lanterns is significant to the intent of the park which was to celebrate the upcoming 1992 Japan festival in London. 

You’ll be encompassed by a clear sense of unity and tranquillity which is reflected in the initial intent of the landscape itself. There is a real synergy amongst all the elements of Kyoto gardens; from the magnificent waterfall to the numerous blooms of cherry blossoms.

Jess Andrews, a visitor, says 'I had seen many pictures and videos of the Kyoto gardens circulating around social media and and looked absolutely beautiful. However, going and witnessing it in real life really does feel so much more magical'.  

Above all, the park acts as real dose of reflection whether it may be by oneself or with close ones. This occurs equally in all seasons, where you'll feel so connected with nature that you'' forget your only a 5 minute walk away from the High Street Kensington.