Social media is used all around the world from Instagram and Tiktok for the younger generation to more older apps such as Twitter and Facebook. With social media, you can keep up with all the news and people's lives. With social media being used everywhere, the question rises how impactful social media is. 


One of the first social media apps, SixDegrees was created in 1997 and was a way for people to message each other. From the very first day, it was a massive hit with many people downloading it and using it. From there, there have been well known apps such as Facebook and Twitter becoming available. However, with the new generation, Generation Alpha, being more drawn to social media from a very young age there has been speculation on the damages it can cause. Those who use social media three hours a day are twice as likely to have a negative mental health and display depression and anxiety symptoms. However, there are ways to limit your use of social media to prevent this.


On the phone, you can limit your screen time by adding limits, which after that, closes the app and doesn’t allow the user to use the app. You can also take part in an activity or hobby which is screen free, such as playing sports and reading. Social media isn’t all negative, but using it quite a bit can have a negative effect. The best way to avoid this, is to use social media at a lower rate