On Thursday the 21st of March, Surbiton High School was proud to showcase the young artists artwork from all three schools. It consisted of artworks in a variety of different forms , from sculpture  , photography and painting. The pieces had been selected from best artists from across the year groups by the teachers. 

The aim of the exhibition was to highlight the talents of the young pupils and display them to the visitors. For the GCSE and A-level students, it was an opportunity for them to gain an experience of having large audiences view their wonderful pieces.’ It was amazing to be able to see what the pupils have been doing in their art lessons’ states a visiting parent.

Furthermore, the showcase was perfectly put together by the teachers of Surbiton High School. The pieces had been put together by students in their art lessons as well as in their lunch breaks; truly a commendable effort from both students and teachers.

As well as this, the amazing teachers of the school are pushing the students to join competitions so the their artwork can make a mark on the world. The school is truly grateful for the teachers hard work in supporting them and the students with lessons and outside events.