A Greenwich chippy has been ordered to remove a sign with a Union Jack flag from outside the shop.

The Golden Chippy, situated on Greenwich High Road, was told by the council to take the sign down as the council claims it was put up without permission “in a conservative area”.

The picture shows a cartoon fish waving the flag and it has become a popular spot for selfies in south east London.

Greenwich Council went on to say that it was close to a World Heritage Site and that it is acting in accordance with government planning laws.

A council spokesperson has slammed suggestions that the picture had to be removed because of the Union flag as “disingenuous and untrue”, adding that the owner of the Golden Chippy is welcome to apply for permission to put the sign back.

The 65-year-old owner of The Golden Chippy, Chris Kanizi, told The Standard that he paid £250 for the painting and that, while the council claims people have been complaining, everyone he has spoken to has told him they love the picture.

A spokesperson for the Royal Borough of Greenwich said: “You may have seen several headlines over the weekend about a business in Greenwich.  

“Whilst it’s not always appropriate to comment on individual cases, contrary to reports this has nothing to do with the Union Flag or any of the painting’s contents.  

"The advert has been painted, without any permission, in a conservation area, close to a World Heritage Site.

“The Council is acting according to Government planning laws, as it would with any unauthorised advert.

“Any suggestions this is because of the Union Flag are disingenuous and untrue. The business owner is welcome to apply for advert consent in line with the conservation area he is in."