A charity has described using a library to film a KFC advert as "an outrageous example where profits have been prioritised over people".

The criticism follows Camden Council's decision to hire part of Queen's Crescent Library in Kentish Town to the fast-food chain despite the borough’s healthy eating initiatives.

The library was transformed into a mock-up KFC restaurant for an advert, complete with the brand's tagline "It’s finger licking good" replacing books in the window.

Posters of buckets of chicken and chips were also displayed.

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Fran Bernhardt, of the food charity Sustain, said this move was a "flagrant disregard of local children's needs" and "an outrageous example where profits have been prioritised over people".

Speaking to The Times, Ms Bernhardt said: "Councils must champion residents' health by stopping companies like KFC from flooding our high streets with unhealthy foods."

Despite these accusations, a KFC spokesperson said they had taken every measure to minimise the impact on the community.

The spokesperson said: "At KFC, we take our role on high streets extremely seriously and for our latest ad, we worked hand in hand with the team at Camden Council to minimise the impact on the local community."

"Everything was returned to the way it was as soon as we’d finished."

The spokesperson added that the library remained open for the three days of filming.

The council also informed residents in advance to avoid any confusion.

The spokesperson added: "We filmed mostly at night, local businesses were compensated for the impact on them and we employed local residents as wardens across the shoot period.

"We have strict policies in place and do not and will not ever market to under 18s."

Public health data reveals that 21.8 per cent of children in Year 6 in Camden are classified as obese.

A spokesperson for Camden Council said: "The council allows some filming in public buildings and spaces for a fee and this money is invested back into services and our community here in Camden.

"During this filming, library services continued to run and staff were available to help children and their families access their books and resources within the library."