Apple has continuously innovated new ideas and now that they have released the M2 chip  few years ago we can see how much of difference it makes from the M1 chip and previous models of Apple products. 

The Macbook Air (paired with the M2 chip) is truly a game changer where it proves to be much faster in topics such as video editing and downloading various files such as compositions and photos which have been edited. This allows the user to have a much faster experience and proves to be a much faster system than its M1 counterpart. Along with this it also has a resolution of 2,560 by 1,664 which allows for a very crisp screen when you are working and allows for much clearer photo content when editing. 

What truly sets this apart from other laptops such as Microsoft, is that the the price of the new Apple Macbook Air with the M2 chip is only £1000 considering the high performance of the laptop this is an absolute bargain on behalf of the consumer. Therefore, this shows that this is once of the best laptops of the year due to its minimal price in comparison to the colossal features which this laptop offers for its minimal price.