At The Tiffin Girls School, RAG week is a week filled with events to raise money to go to the Chewaa School in Nepal to make sure children around the world can receive a good education, which began on W/C 26.02. The Deputy Head Girls, House Officers, Charity REPS, and many other people around the school have come together to raise money and have an enjoyable week here at the Tiffin Girls School at the same time. 


With a busy week ahead, the Tiffin Girls had planned a week full of activities and events lined up at break times, lunch times and before school to raise as much money as possible in RAG week. Some of the events included, ‘Staff vs. Student Benchball’, ‘the Map Game’, ‘the Great Tiffin Girl Bake Off’, the photobooth, sweets sale, and many more. 


Interviewing a teacher to get their perspectives on RAG week so far, Ms Kilburn, says, “I would say that my favourite event so far was probably benchball, partly because we won but also because I just think its really nice sixth formers and staff can get together and just have a lot of fun and  that people really enjoyed watching it, and I just think it's so nice that so many staff are happy to take part to raise money, and overall I think RAG week is a fantastic week. Im always just so amazed at how much money they raise and i think people are really, really keen to help out, so, for example, even though it's been organised by the Deputy Head Girls, all of the House Officers are really helping, loads of the Charity Reps are helping and people take part in events which is great, but also its a good excuse just to eat lots of sweets for a week as well.”