Last week from Monday to Thursday, the drama department for Tiffin School began their school production of "Romeo and Juliet", open to all. After months of practice and rehearsal, the students had the chance to perform to their hearts' content and give the audience a show to remember. 

The production was on Shakespeare's 'Romeo and Juliet', the famous tragedy of two fated lovers from different family houses with a fierce rivalry. Despite the focus of the play being on the famed lovers, the production was filled with plenty of notable roles and a recurring ensemble, each with their own chances to fill the room with laughter, shock and awe, and excitement from the audience. Even outside of the acting roles, there was a multitude of fantastic musicians, lighting technicians and show stagehands who all helped to make the production as fantastic as it could be.

I had the pleasure of watching the production on the final night first-hand, and it was truly a marvel. Each scene was nothing short of captivating, and the use of the entirety of the production's hall rather than just the stage caught me off guard. From the tragic deaths to the hilarious monologues to the beautiful scenes of marriage, it was without a doubt a massive success for the school.