A major road outside Queen Elizabeth Hospital has closed after a suspicious item was reported to the police.  

Officers were called to Stadium Way in Woolwich at around 12pm today (February 12).

Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Trust said on X (formally known as Twitter) that the main entrance of the hospital and the road were temporarily closed.

It added that police were urging the public to avoid the area as the incident was dealt with.

The item was later found to be non-suspicious.

It has been since stood down and all closures have since been lifted.

Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Trust (@LG_NHS) tweeted: “The police are currently managing an incident outside Queen Elizabeth Hospital, which has led to Stadium Road & the main entrance being temporarily closed.

“Police are asking people to avoid the area around QEH at present. We are monitoring the situation and will update ASAP.”

In an update it said: “The police have now concluded their work at Queen Elizabeth Hospital and have stood down their incident response.

“Normal access to the hospital and to Stadium Road are expected to resume very shortly.”

A spokesperson for Metropolitan Police said: “It was a suspicious item. It was later assessed as not suspicious and stood down.”