From Monday, February 5th, to Thursday, February 8th, Tiffin School’s main hall was honoured by the timeless tale of "Romeo and Juliet." The production, with a cast from various age groups within the school, showcased an impressive display of talent and dedication. 


What really set the production apart was its commitment to presenting Shakespeare’s masterpiece in its unabridged form, offering audiences a truly immersive experience. The decision to tackle the unabridged version of "Romeo and Juliet" was ambitious, especially for a school production. Yet, the cast rose to the challenge, demonstrating a deep understanding of the complexities of Shakespearean language and narrative.


Naturally, both Romeo and Juliet were exceptionally cast, but what may have come as a surprise to some viewers was the comedic relief offered by the role of the nurse. Every time she came on stage, the scene was lightened - even in a tragedy. As well as this, the more ‘camp’ presentation of Juliet’s other love interest (Paris) drew many laughs, a fun way to modernise the play. 


Beyond the performances and behind the scenes, students worked tirelessly to bring the world of "Romeo and Juliet" to life. In line with this, the costume choices were largely modern to make the play more accessible, I believe. However, Juliet’s dresses at the party scene and the wedding scene were incredible - very fitting for “fair Verona”.  The set also was very clever - using only 2 balconies and colour imagery to present the feuding families, the production was meticulously crafted to transport audiences to Renaissance Verona.