Around two hundred people and a hundred Spanish rescue dogs, marched from the Spanish Embassy in SW1 to Trafalgar Square on Saturday 3 February, demanding an end to hunting with dogs in Spain.

This annual peaceful protest is organised every February when the Spanish hunting season ends, by Spanish animal rights group Plataforma NAC ( 

Protests call for an end to hunting across Spain and in other countries across Europe.

This year the UK joined the protests for the first time.

Those who attended the protest were in good spirits and keen to get their voices heard on behalf of the Podenco and Galgo breed, which are not recognised as pets by the country’s animal welfare laws.

Jayne Middleton from Cheshire, said: “I completely support the movement to stop the cruelty towards the hunting dogs in Spain.

"After living there for twenty years, I recall the dread of waiting for the hunting season to end and the horror that these poor dogs endure once they are no longer of use to their owners.”

Sadly, these two breeds are the most abused dogs in Spain and merely regarded as ‘hunting tools’, which have earned them the moniker of ‘the invisible dogs of Spain’.

They are bred to hunt and often chained up in appalling conditions, enduring severe cruelty at the hands of the owners and subject to extreme atrocities in their short lives.

Julie Hillier from Waterlooville, said: “We are a nation of animal lovers and the public are largely unaware of the wide scale neglect, torture and murder of these gentle loving companions.

“The hunters are keeping these dogs in appalling conditions and at the end of the season, they are discarded like trash.

“These dogs have been badly let down by legislation in Spain that does nothing to protect these innocent lives.

"They have no voice, so we are speaking for them.”

The names of nearly 170 Spanish rescue dogs were displayed on the flags being waved in the streets, giving recognition to those dogs whose owners were unable to attend.

Gemma Eley of Free Spanish Hounds, organisers of the UK march, added: “Our mission is to act against animal abuse, denounce it and spread the word.

"We aim to make a difference and be the voice of the invisible dogs of Spain.”

The march ended peacefully and one of the flags emblazoned with dog names, was used to enclose a message, which was handed to the Spanish Embassy.

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